Single tanzkurse paderborn umsonst poppen Duisburg

I am working on building a self monitoring tool for an RTOS. I have to monitor the state of certain variables in the user space, from kernel space, write those variables to a buffer and allow an external tool to read from this shared buffer.

The projects also involved developing a demo CRM system on Amazon Cloud and dispatching user authentications to the requestor.

I have scored an aggregate of 68%, which is german eqvivalent of 1,7. My first job was at SAP Labs, Bangalore, for the duration of 7 months.

Here I worked in several projects, based on Visual Studio, Java and Amazon Cloud Services.

Even though I am familiar with coding in C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python, I prefer coding in C, C++ coming second to it. Now to talk about academic achievements, I am pursuing my Masters in Informatic from Paderborn University.

I was always intrested in how things works inside a computer. Following years, I was introduced to one of the most powerful languages, C. I am familiar with Kdevelop, Dev-C++, Eclipse and Visual Studio, as UIs.