Single mindedness means

disciple of the King of Israel, when the young man had ended; "I have found much that is comely and melodious in the maidens, and it is fitting that we who have consorted in so much peril, should abide together in peace.They had only remembered certain threats of disinheritance uttered a year or two previously by the uncle (who had no living relative except the nephew), and they had, therefore, always looked upon this disinheritance as a matter that was settled -- so a race of beings were the Rattleburghers; but the remark of "Old Charley" brought them at once to a consideration of this point, and thus gave them to see the possibility of the threats having been nothing more than a threat.

Single mindedness means-53

But all was different with George; he could afford to be single-minded.

He and Algernon Sydney are remembered as single-minded and high-souled men.

The wisdom from above is unwavering, steadfast, single-minded.

That Alexander may have been single-minded in his purpose has never been supposed.

The testimony of these friends of his is that he was of all artists most spiritual, devoted, and single-minded.