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OK, I was born in Munich and lived here for 35 Years.

At the end of the Year I'm going to go to Sydney;-) Racism: Unlike other cities in Germany(espacially eastern Germany) there are almost no racist people in Munich.

However it could be possible, that you meat one of those idiots in Munich anyway.

Now, I've been there before, but my horrible experience in Ireland has taught me the need to know more about the day-to-day life there, especially getting acquainted with the negatives, and seeing if this is something I can live with. Write as long as you want, as many things as you want, as negative or neutral as you want. We both speak several languages (me: native French & English, Arabic, Spanish, basic German; her: native Polish & English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, basic German) but both our German is still very basic (very enthusiastic about improving though! As I just hit 30, I want to go where I'll fit in more easily and perhaps build some solid roots and have a good life (then again, who knows what the future holds).

Absolutely love it except this one thing you can't get over? I am interested in the opinion of people that are originally from Munich or people that moved to Munich.

Trafic can be chaotic, especially during peark hours. People: Could be a bit harder to get connected to other people, because unfortunately a lot of them are a bit cocky and at arms length.

Hi, I'm writing because I am in need of information on the day-to-day aspects of living in Munich. Hate your city being taken over every year by the Oktoberfest? People too nationalistic / jingoistic / intolerant? If you're not comfortable writing negative things in public, private messages are ok too.

Basically, I have lived in Ireland for 3 years and need to get the hell out of here, and am considering life in Munich. I would like to know, from people that live in Munich, what are those things about living in Munich that you do not like or hate. Just to give you our context, I'm a dark-skinned energy efficiency engineer from Montréal (Canada), and my girlfriend is a sociologist / social researcher from Poland, both living in Ireland at the moment.