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Over the following decades it grew as a garrison town and a local centre for trade.A textile factory, later known as the Royal Military Textile Factory, had already been established in Usserød in the 1790s(closed 1981).

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It was joined by other industrial enterprises in the second half of the 19th century, such as Hørsholm Textile Factory (1885-1975), Hørsholm Tobakspakkeri og Hørsholm Iron Foundry (1900-1965).

Hørsholm Slotshave, the former gardens of Hirschholm Palace, is the largest public park in Hørsholm.

A little to the east of it lies Hørsholm Arboretum, part of the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science. Rungsted Beach is Hørsholm's most popular beach but bathing is also possible at Mikkelborg and from several other localities along the coast. The larger Jægersborg Hegn, which separates Hørsholm from Skodsborg to the south, adjoins the extensive UNESCO-LISTED deer park Jægersborg Dyrehave.

Hørsholm is surrounded by a number of small woodlands. Trommen ("The Drum") is Hørsholm's principal cultural centre and also home to its main library. Rungstedlund is the former home of the author Karen Blixen and is now home to the Karen Blixen Museum.

The adjacent Hørsholm Local History Museum contains a Struense exhibition.